Spray Foam has lots of benefits as compared to traditional insulation such as: mould resistant, airtight, sound barrier, 25 years manufacturer's warranty etc ( Learn more about Spray Foam here), which makes it perfect for residential homes so that you can relax at healthy home. At Super Spray, we understand that any build work could be messy and noisy. So our installers make sure that work is done as quickly as possible with very little disturbance.
Whether your house is new build or existing, see where you can have Spray Foam Insulation at your home:

  • Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Roof Insulation
  • Loft Insulation
  • Wall Insulation
  • Floor Insulation
Residential homes spray foam insulation
Warehouse expanding foam insulation


Lapolla Spray Foam is world's leading name in Expanding Foam and at Super Spray we feel proud to be official installer of it. It is perfect for commercial use, as it can help in reducing overhead costs, increase spacing, increase structural integrity and help regulate temperatures with our insulation.
If there is a heat-loss, warehouses' energy bills could be sky-rocketed, but with Super Spray foam insulation, you can reduce your bills by up to 45% and help you grow your business.
Due to small space, it is ideal for containers and seals it properly making it more energy efficient and mould/pest free.


The best option for boats and marine is expanding foam spray. It is closed cell, so is impervious to moisture penetration. There is no air gap between the insulation and the steel skin because it bonds to the steel. No air gap (thermal break) means no condensation and hence no heat loss.
As Spray foam sticks completely without leaving gap, it provides stability to the boat and also reduces the noise and vibrations for you to relax.
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Boats Marine Cavity Wall insulation
Foam insulation for agriculture


Lapolla Spray Foam has lots of fantastic features, one being it has the ability to cover many different surface types which is simply perfect for farm and outbuildings. This gives the farm owner huge advantages when considering insulation and condensation control of a barn, pig shed or outhouse.
Our product can be applied to many different substrates including metal, wood and stonework. Regardless of what type of farm or outbuilding you own our system will improve the thermal efficiency within.

Super Spray is official provider of Lapolla
Spray Foam Insulation is airtight
Accreditated by BBA